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Unionized employees enjoy greater stability and predictability when it comes to their working conditions. A collective agreement gives employees a voice and during bargaining allows them to negotiate the general terms of their employment, including fair wages, hours of work, medical and retirement benefits. When faced with an issue on the job, union members have trusted and experienced labour relations resources with UnionX to reach out and advocate when our members need us.

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Fill in the form below and then sign the card. Ensure that all the required fields are filled. 

Step 2 - Confirm the Email

Next step is to confirm the email address you used in the signature form. Check your email for the confirmation (don't see it - check your junk mail) - click on that confirmation link. Then you confirmed and will be redirected to the payment page.

Step 3 - Pay the Fee

Last step. Fill out the payment form and make sure to use the same email you used in the signature form. Pay the two dollar fee and you are done. 

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Step 1 - Fill Out and Sign the Form below

I hereby make application to become a member of UnionX. In applying for membership I understand that the Union intends to apply to be certified as my exclusive bargaining agent, and my signature below authorizes that activity on my behalf.

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